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Anglo-Saxon Middle Period,c.780-973

Viking Coinages - Danish East Anglia, c. 885-915- St Edmund - St. Edmund Penny

Ref 31/4Price £395.00

Wt. 0.93g., Memorial coinage, semi-barbarous legends, chevron A in centre within inner circle, +STVECV, rev. +SVITCVN, cross pattée within inner circle, N.483; S.960, corrosion spot below chevron,


Eadmund (939-946) Penny

Ref 31/5Price £6,750.00

Wt. 1.84g., Floral Type penny, specially-struck on an oversized and overweight flan, having the reverse gilt, obverse worked and the edges folded in order to fix it onto an ornament or into a mount for use in jewellery; obv., small cross, + EADMVND REX, rev., trefoil-headed flower between leaf sprays, bar with annulets at groundline, moneyer’s name EADVVEAr and a sideways reversed S ornament below, cf. N. 694 and SCBI 34, 466-7 for obverse (and from the same, or from a very similar, obverse die as SCBI 34, 467 = SCL pl. 25, 278); cf. N.703; S.1110 and SCBI 34, 47 for comparable reverse type), , the obverse (which has clearly never been gilded) with evidence of flattening or tooling from the process of mounting and about very fine, reverse with very strong original gilding, now slightly bent but otherwise undamaged, and good metal. Retaining slight surface deposit, of the highest rarity. .
The present coin clearly resembles Blunt, Stewart & Lyon’s unique ‘Exceptional Type a’ (Coinage in Tenth-Century England, p. 202 and pl. 25, 278, also illustrated on the book’s dust-jacket), itself a close copy of Edward the Elder’s Floral Type which, the authors suggest, may have been struck by the Gloucester moneyer Ædelmod. Discovered in 2014 near Bishops Waltham, Hampshire.
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